Fly fishing on the River Coln

The Bull Hotel’s stretch of the River Coln offers a wide variety of fly fishing opportunities for trout and grayling. With everything from fast shallow gravelly runs to deeper slow pools along its 1.25 mile length, it has a multitude of different characteristics and is suitable for a variety of fishing techniques from traditional dry fly fishing through to more modern techniques such as Euro nymphing

The river, which runs gin clear for most of the year has a very healthy population of wild brown trout and grayling and very good fly life, including a large mayfly hatch. Most days there is a hatch of upwing flies giving the chance to catch on the dry fly. Other important hatches include sedges, hawthorne and other terrestrial flies, so it’s always a good idea to have some of these patterns in your fly box

If there isn’t anything rising then a small weighted nymph fished under an indicator or dry fly can pick up fish

Wading, whilst not essential on some parts of the river, will enable you to fish more of the water though care should be taken in times of increased flow and there are a few deeper holes, especially towards the bottom of the stretch

A public footpath runs along much of the beat so please check carefully for walkers and their dogs when casting

Recommended tackle – 4wt rod between 7’6’ and 9’ with floating line and 4lb leader

All fishing is catch and release and all flies must be barbless-Barbed hooks to have the barbs flattened

Read Rules & Codes of Practice HERE

Expert Guides and Tuition

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Expert Guides and Tuition
Expert Guides and Tuition

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